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The newly finished Masaryčka complex in Prague stands out for its well-designed pathways that connect to emerging public areas, enriching the urban landscape. Catering to the evolving demands of the city's business community, this office and retail center spans 28,000 square meters, featuring a seven-story structure on its east and a nine-story building on its west. The project is synchronized with the Czech Railways' upgrade of the historic Masaryk Railway Station, introducing a vibrant public plaza atop the rail tracks. This development not only improves access to the station's platforms but also forges new pedestrian links between the Florenc and Hybernská areas, enriching the urban transit experience.

Located strategically at the intersection of the city's transport hubs, Masaryčka revitalizes a long-neglected site with its modern architecture. It replaces an old parking lot on Havlíčkova Boulevard with a dynamic public square that seamlessly integrates Prague's rail, tram, and bus networks. This transformation establishes a welcoming entry point to Prague, especially for commuters and visitors heading to the city's international airport via a new express rail service.

Aiming for LEED Platinum status, Masaryčka is designed with a double-insulated facade to maximize natural lighting across its workspaces and communal areas. The structure features a series of terraces that not only differentiate the two main buildings but also provide each office level with ample outdoor space. Rooftop gardens afford sweeping vistas of Prague, while the building's hybrid ventilation system, enhanced by an efficient heat recovery setup, and smart management technologies work in tandem to minimize energy use.

The development is committed to environmental sustainability, employing indigenous plant varieties and a sophisticated rainwater harvesting system to green its surroundings, including transforming Na Florenci street into a leafy boulevard. These green initiatives, coupled with water-saving fixtures and grey-water recycling, significantly lower the complex's overall water footprint.

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