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"Bundle of Towers" completed in Houston

view on bundle of towers

The innovative Danish design firm BIG has recently introduced "1550 on the Green," marking its debut skyscraper project in Texas, located in the heart of Houston. This architectural marvel, developed in collaboration with Skanska USA, stands as a 28-story landmark directly opposite the lush expanse of Discovery Green park in Downtown Houston. The structure is a visually striking amalgamation of six interconnected towers, each gently curving skyward, with the pinnacle reaching an impressive 450 feet (137 meters).

BIG's lead architect, Jenna Dezinski, shared insights with Dezeen, highlighting the unique approach of segmenting the skyscraper into a collection of towers, thus infusing the structure with a sense of dynamism and movement. This design strategy not only enhances the skyline but also integrates the greenery of the adjacent park into the building's aesthetic through its transparent ground floor.

The skyscraper's distinctive profile is characterized by a "bundle" of towers, which strategically positions the core on one edge to maximize the building's footprint in specific areas. BIG employed a combination of reflective glass and strategically placed vertical fins across the façade. The design varies the density of these fins—denser on levels designated for parking and more spaced out on office floors to optimize views.

Incorporating terracotta-colored aluminum fins and pre-cast concrete elements, the building exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere, softened by the choice of materials and color palette. The ground floor features a lobby flanked by retail spaces, enclosed by vast expanses of glass alternating with warm concrete tones, creating an inviting entrance.

The structure's design cleverly incorporates slight cantilevers, creating protective overhangs around the building's perimeter. Each tower's rooftop is designed as a unique open space, hosting diverse biomes and greenery, contributing to the building's dynamic interaction with the environment.

Internally, the skyscraper boasts amenities designed by the Austin-based Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, which complements the exterior with warm colors and copper highlights. The segmented tower design facilitates an "interior rhythm" that allows for more corner offices, enhancing the workspace for occupants.

BIG's innovative approach extends to sustainability, utilizing the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator for the first time in Texas, highlighting the project's commitment to environmental consciousness. Additionally, the building features extensive rainwater collection systems to support its landscaped areas.

While "1550 on the Green" is BIG's inaugural skyscraper in Texas, the firm continues to make significant architectural contributions in the state and beyond, demonstrating its commitment to innovative design and environmental stewardship.

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