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Warehouse Schiphol Trade Park

Situated a mere ten minutes from Schiphol Airport and conveniently located alongside the A4 highway near Hoofddorp, the Schiphol Trade Park is set to redefine the landscape in the coming years. This innovative development is divided into six distinct zones, each boasting its own unique character, yet all seamlessly integrate to create a unified workspace where nature and sustainability are paramount. This ambitious project is on track to become the greenest and most forward-thinking business hub in Europe.

Designed by Denkkamer, the standout warehouse on the gateway plot becomes a defining feature of the A4 corridor, marking the entry point to the Schiphol Trade Park. This warehouse isn’t just a building; it’s a vision for a new kind of logistics environment that breaks from the traditional, introverted model to foster a connection with its surroundings. The facility’s logistic operations are encased within a dynamic exterior that engages with the landscape, making it more than just a distribution hub.

This structure is distinguished by its innovative shell, which is split into functional and eco-friendly components, thus disguising its primary role as a logistics center. The design incorporates roof gardens on the upper level and allocates space for essential services in discrete, enclosed areas, allowing the central section to be dedicated entirely to logistics. The logistic activities and loading areas are thoughtfully placed at the rear, while a parking deck for cars above ensures a clear separation of vehicle flows. This layout encourages foot traffic, enhancing the vitality of the communal spaces adjacent to the building.

The architectural shell features slim, varied-height volumes, with the taller structures hosting green and brown roofs designed to support local wildlife. The lower roofs, nestled between office spaces, are transformed into vibrant roof gardens and picking areas for employees, promoting well-being and interaction with nature. A lush facade and verdant spaces conceal the loading docks and parking areas, creating a sanctuary for butterflies, amphibians, and birds, and fostering biodiversity. The interplay of different volumes and natural elements forms ecological stepping stones, linking the ground to new habitats in the sky.

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