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SkyRoom Community Square

Captivated by the concept of drawing as an "unfolding" of architecture, akin to draping a garment over a table, the creators laid out the drawings and models to demonstrate the technique of wrapping steel cladding around the structural skeleton. This approach, a blend of 3D concepts translated into 2D visuals accompanied by a narrative tradition, has ignited the imaginations of those building cathedrals, pushing them to achieve unprecedented feats. Nestled within an expanding Campus Park, its central opening welcomes visitors into a refreshing, shaded sanctuary. The pavilion frames a stone amphitheater that merges with the natural terrain, offering a venue for performances enriched with exceptional acoustics that can focus or scatter sound. By night, the SkyRoom becomes a beacon, glowing softly through its translucent openings or shining with light cast from beneath. This interplay of light and shadow enables the structure to vanish or emerge in the darkness, adding a layer of theatricality to events occurring underneath.

The choice of materials echoes the hues and textures of the earth, with pre-treated perforated steel transforming the pavilion into a resonant chamber through which New Mexico's breezes whisper. The SkyRoom stands as a testament to durability and timeless design, evolving alongside the landscape and welcoming the desert's patina. Beyond its striking aesthetic, the SkyRoom is a testament to innovative space creation and a pledge to serve the community, blending form, function, and environmental harmony.

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