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Pudong Scenic Architecture Office

The Shanghai Pudong Cultural District is set to emerge as a vibrant center for arts and culture in the Pudong New Area, promising to offer a fresh hub for cultural endeavors. Nestled within the heart of this cultural district, the precinct earmarked for the Youth and Children’s Center alongside the Public Culture and Art Center is uniquely bisected by a river, creating a distinctive split between its larger eastern section and its more compact western counterpart. Positioned at the cultural district's northern end, the Pudong Library currently stands as a beacon of knowledge, while the southern end is slated for the development of the Pudong Planning Museum and City Art Center, an ambitious project designed by the renowned David Chipperfield Architects. These distinct zones are designed to seamlessly connect below the surface, forming a cohesive landscape that weaves together a variety of public amenities, including metro stations plazas and serene reading gardens. The design strategy for this project is a thoughtful response to the external urban environment as well as the internal needs of its facilities, featuring a layered space punctuated by interactive platforms. These platforms will play host to an array of functions, from auditoriums and galleries to activity spaces, entrance halls, and dining facilities, all housed within versatile "boxes" of varying sizes. This innovative approach not only enhances the site’s usability but also adds a dynamic layer to the cultural offerings of Shanghai's Pudong New Area.

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