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Neom Introduces Epicon: A Spectacular Dual Skyscraper Resort on the Gulf of Aqaba

The ambitious Saudi Arabian development project, Neom, has recently unveiled its latest endeavor, Epicon, set to become a premier tourist attraction along the Gulf of Aqaba. This announcement marks the introduction of the sixth region out of the planned ten for the Neom mega project.

Epicon: A Visionary Development in Neom

Epicon is poised to transform the coastal landscape of northwestern Saudi Arabia with its innovative design. The centerpiece of this development is two strikingly angular skyscrapers, conceptualized by the renowned architecture studio 10Design. The towers, standing at 225 and 275 meters respectively, will house a combination of 41 hotel accommodations and luxurious residences.

These steel-clad towers are envisioned to be connected by horizontal structures, which include an array of amenities like an outdoor swimming pool.

Resort Living Redefined

Epicon is not just about its architectural marvels but also about the lifestyle it offers. The resort will feature 120 lavish rooms and 45 beachside villas. Guests and residents will have access to a multitude of facilities including a beach club, a spa offering personalized wellness treatments, and various dining establishments aimed at providing an unparalleled culinary experience.

Neom states, “Epicon is designed as a portal to a futuristic way of life, providing a sanctuary from daily stressors.” The resort also plans to include spaces for relaxation and productivity, such as a library, a gym, pools, lounges, and workspaces.

Epicon's Design Philosophy

10Design's vision for Epicon is a testament to their innovative approach in architecture. This project follows the announcement of Leyja, Neom’s fifth region, which also focuses on luxury accommodations and includes designs by prominent architects like Shaun Killa, Mario Cucinella, and Chris van Duijn.

The Broader Neom Project

The Neom project ambitiously encompasses ten regions, each with a unique concept. This includes the controversial linear urban development, The Line, stretching 170 kilometers; Oxagon, an octagonal port city; the reflective urban center, The Line; and the island resort, Sindalah.

Controversies and Criticisms

Despite its architectural grandeur, the Neom project has faced scrutiny over human rights concerns. The human rights organization ALQST reported the sentencing of three individuals in relation to the development of the Neom site. The UN Human Rights Council expressed serious concerns over these developments, to which Saudi Arabia responded by denying any wrongdoing.


Epicon, as part of the larger Neom project, represents a bold step into futuristic urban development, combining luxury living with innovative design. However, it also brings to the forefront important ethical considerations about the role of architecture and development in societal and environmental contexts.

Source: Cajsa Carlson, InnoWave-Studio

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