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Concrete house in linear construction

A house in mexico, concrete and wooden house

In the dynamic cityscape of Ensenada, Mexico, renowned Mexican architect Cesar Andrés Mancillas de la Torre crafted Casa Malbec, a masterpiece of residential design emphasizing tranquility and privacy. Completed in 2022 and sprawled over a 251-square-meter area, this architectural gem is a testament to innovative design within the constraints of a narrow, 12-meter-wide lot extending over 40 meters from front to back, seamlessly transitioning from communal to private spaces.

Casa Malbec stands as a sanctuary, ingeniously integrating indoor and outdoor environments through the strategic use of interior courtyards and skylights that enhance the sensory experience of the occupants. Mancillas, hailing from Baja California, leveraged the unique characteristics of the terrain to sculpt living spaces that engage with varying ambiances, illuminated by the natural dance of light and shadow. The structure's imposing concrete barriers serve as a bulwark against the gusty winds characteristic of the Valle de Guadalupe region, ensuring serene repose within.

The residence greets the urban edge with a modern facade that transitions smoothly from the hustle of the street to the privacy of the home. An expansive rolling garage door and a striking rectangular entrance marked by an oversized wooden door invite entry into this secluded retreat. Beyond the boundary walls, a thoughtfully arranged linear garden delineates the parking zone from a serene outdoor lounge, crowned with a robust roof extending into the interior with a continuous wooden finish.

The living quarters, marked by an expansive kitchen and living area, are bathed in natural light, with elegant white pendant lighting and a sleek, waterfall-edged concrete island defining the space. At the heart of Casa Malbec lies the primary suite, surrounded by a sun-kissed courtyard adorned with native cacti, crafting a dynamic interplay of light and shadow throughout the day.

Privacy is paramount in the design, with three additional bedrooms, each featuring an en-suite bathroom, arrayed along the property's western boundary. These rooms open onto a secluded deck equipped with a concrete hot tub, offering a private oasis for relaxation.

Casa Malbec blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, ensuring every space within the home enjoys direct access to natural surroundings. The architectural language of the residence is characterized by soaring doors that extend to the ceiling, enhancing the spatial quality and integrating the vertical dimension into its linear elegance. This distinctive home not only offers a tranquil escape within its walls but also stands as a beacon of architectural ingenuity in Ensenada's evolving urban landscape.

a view on a open dinning area in a house

a view on a concrete bedroom

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