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Experience the Future: One Times Square's Transformation Unveiled!

Every New Year's Eve, millions of Americans await the iconic ball drop at One Times Square, capturing the essence of celebration and anticipation. Now, this historic landmark is undergoing a monumental revitalization led by Jamestown, its visionary owner. Prepare to witness a remarkable transformation, blending innovation with tradition.

The project promises a host of enhancements, including a state-of-the-art curtain wall system, a breathtaking observation platform, and captivating immersive experiences. Interior spaces, dormant for years, will be reborn as immersive brand showcases and a museum chronicling the vibrant history of Times Square. Set for completion in 2025, the renovation breathes new life into a New York City icon.

Originally erected in 1904 as The New York Times headquarters, One Times Square has stood witness to the city's evolution. Designed by renowned architect Cyrus L.W. Eidlitz, its neo-gothic facade once epitomized grandeur. Over the years, ownership changes and modernization efforts reshaped its exterior, transforming it into a beacon of advertising innovation.

Jamestown's renovation project heralds a new era for One Times Square. The removal of precast concrete panels paves the way for a sleek curtain wall, enhancing energy efficiency and aesthetics. Led by W&W Glass, the installation process navigates complexities with finesse, ensuring seamless integration with the iconic LED screens.

Atop the tower, a sturdy truss supports the awe-inspiring observation platform, offering panoramic views of the bustling city below. Glass elevators whisk visitors skyward, providing an unforgettable experience. Despite challenges posed by simultaneous construction, the project progresses with precision.

Even amidst renovation, One Times Square remains the epicenter of New Year's Eve festivities. Jamestown's careful coordination ensures a seamless transition, balancing construction efforts with cherished traditions. As pyrotechnics light up the night sky, the spirit of celebration thrives.

Beyond the facade lies a new chapter in One Times Square's legacy. The introduction of immersive experiences and a captivating museum redefines its interior landscape. From commemorating Times Square's rich heritage to showcasing cutting-edge brand innovations, the space evolves into a dynamic hub of culture and commerce.

As One Times Square embarks on its next chapter, it reaffirms its status as an enduring symbol of innovation and reinvention. With eyes set on the future, this historic landmark embraces change while honoring its storied past. Welcome to the dawn of a new era at One Times Square.

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